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Changed Class and Replacement 42 Inch Gas Pipeline

(IGAT I) Pataveh / Polekaleh (PC) (31 Km.)- Construction Activities

Project Description

  • The project required that 30 kilometers of 42” pipeline constituting part of IGAT I spur line to be dismantled, cut to length of 12 meters and removed from the construction site. The job also required that the old removed pipe be replaced by new upgraded PE coated 42”, 5LX pipe line. A time limit of three month was imposed by the client for the whole operation to ensure the supply of natural gas before the onset of the cold season. The work also included rebuilding and improvement of the access and service roads as well as building of retaining walls and other safety measures to ensure a reliable operation of a major gas supply line in a wholly mountainous region of the country with the variation of more than 1500 meters in a spread 0f 15 kilometers. Installation of two break valve stations, cathodic protection system, civil and construction works , river and road crossings was also to be done within the same short time made available