56 Inch Gas Pipeline From Pataveh To Dorahan

Isfahan Provinces

March 16,2014 - September 17, 2015
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56 Inch Gas Pipeline From Pataveh To Dorahan

(IGAT X)(EPC) (91 km.)

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This project consist of procurement, construction and commissioning of 91 km 56″ pipeline including:

Purchasing of all bulk material including: Pipe, Flare, Valve, Fitting, Flanges, Gasket, Bolt & Nuts, Insulation, Instrumentation, Pig Launcher & Receiver, Electrical Systems and all needed items.
Construction Activities:






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  • Redirecting of IGAT II 56″ pipeline from km 443 to km 453 (10 Km) Form Khersan river to Dena.
  • Completing of IGAT X 56 ” pipeline from Pataveh compressor station to Dorahan pig receiver station (80 Km)
  • Pipeline class changing of 1.5 Km near Tangh-e- Ravagh.
  • Relocation of Blow Down Facilities because of conflicting by IGAT X 56″ Pipeline.
  • Construction of 1 Pig Launcher Station, 1 Pig Receiver Station, 6 Block Valve, 18 road crossing by pipe jacking method, 2 main river crossing (Khersan & Shams Abad), 60 minor river crossing, Fiber optic cable installation.