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56 Inch Gas Pipeline Assaloyeh to Parsian

(IGAT VIII) (PC) 22 Km.)- Construction Activities

Project Description

  • The project includes engineering, partial procurement and complete civil and mechanical work & full commissioning related to construction of 22Km high pressure gas transmission of 5LX70 steel Polyethylene coated pipeline with the wall thickness varying from 0.780 to 1.125 inches. Other main and specific components of this project are:
  • About 931,000 M3 earth excavation in rocky train;
  • 2 launching & receiving trap stations;
  • 2 line brake valve stations ;
  • Cathodic protection system including CP stations, test points & line markers.
  • Except for the line pipe, fittings and valves which are supplied by the client, Iran Arvin is responsible for provision of consumables, welding electrodes, coating material, rockshield, CP. material & equipment and all civil materials