16 Inch Pipeline – Azar Oil field

Elam Provinces

March 09,2014
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16 Inch Pipeline – Azar Oil field

(EPC) 321 Km. (Gas Pipeline: 129 KM., Raw Oil Pipeline: 129 KM., Refined Oil Pipeline: 63KM)

This project contract is EPC type and consisting of:sarvak- 01

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction








This stage consisting of detail design, engineering, document generation according to International and Local codes.


Purchasing all Bulk Material such as pipe, mobile flare, valves, fittings, flanges, gaskets, bolt & nuts, paint, insulation, telecommunication equipment, instrumentation equipment, cathodic protection equipment and …


Construction:54- sarvak-01

Including construction of ROW, pipeline channel, access roads, pipe handling, bending, welding, NDT, joint insulation, back-filling, testing, commissioning, valve stations, pig launcher and receiver stations, river and road crossing and …

54- sarvak-02