Whereas development in general requires the relevant infrastructural ground and pertinent resources, we might firmly claim that engineers are the pioneers in any human development in all its forms and engineering institutions and contributions have undoubtedly played such a role in the course of the history.

Iran Arvin Company from the very outset of its establishment has been fully aware of the role to be played in this respect and has endeavored to observe and implement the employers objectives and their interests by constantly reducing the cost, execution period and sustaining the quality of the projects. A successful accomplishment in the projects undertaken over thirty years of activity is the crystal proof of the performance that has satisfied all employers in different sectors. In addition to the above accomplishments, we are hopeful to integrate into the global community of green contractors to protect the environment and play a more efficient part in this arena while remaining committed to quality and professional standards.

Our thirty years of experience in the domestic arena and execution of great national projects in Petroleum, Gas, Energy and Industrial sectors has prepared us and paved the way for our company to step into international service sector to obtain new honors and achievements.

It is a great honor for me to express our readiness to take part in execution of different projects hand in hand with employers and contractors from all nationalities in the international arena in order to perform a better role in the global development and promotion of the living standards of the human beings.