Iran Arvin was established in 1983 by a group of engineers with vast experience and capacities both in private and government sectors.

Since its creations, the company has achieved to become one of the leading general contractors in the country providing diverse services of the highest quality to its clients in the field of gas, oil, metal processing, water and sewage treatment, in all completing fifty major nationally important projects.


With a permanent work force of 250 engineers, technicians and professional we have mobilized up to 2500 construction workers at our sites utilizing most current international standards of excellence both in quality and performance.

Iran Arvin has cooperated with a number of internationally renowned companies within the country and also has tried to extend its services outside of iran. We intend to put more emphasis on our efforts to extend our activities abroad and pursue with this matter more vigorously. Currently we are in the pursuit of identifying and linking with potential partners in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Subcontinent.

Background and Highlights

March 1983

Iran Arvin was established by group of engineers and professionals.

December 1983

Iran Arvin started work with the construction and commissioning of 3 different chemical Plants awarded by the Government of Iran.

May 1985

Iran Arvin Was successfully chosen for the construction of pumping station, tank farm & hot crude oil transmission line in Tabriz Refinery.

June 1985

Iran Arvin was registered with Plan & Budget  Organization as an industrial contractor. The company enjoys the highest grading by P.B.O. in the following fields:

  • Erection & commissioning of industrial Plant & Factories
  • Construction works related to oil, gas & petrochemical process plants and refineries.
  • Construction works related to tank farms for oil, liquid gas & other pressurized products.
  • Oil, gas & water pipeline.

March 1986

Iran Arvin entered the field of water/sewage treatment.

August 1986

Iran Arvin assumed services in the field of gas/oil/water pipeline construction.

December 1986

Iran Arvin entered the field of energy, power plant & relevant related activities.

August 1988

Iran Arvin commenced activities in the field of steel & metal production units with construction of steel production unit of Mobarakeh steel mill complex.